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There are several bands with the name Lionheart: 1) Hailing from the San Francisco Bay area, Lionheart are at the forefront of the new breed of old-school metalcore monsters. Clearly influenced by classic metalcore, thrash and NYHC while being rooted in “moshcore”, Lionheart have enough technical ability and metal influence to also appael to a broader range of aggressive music fans. “The Will To

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Lionheart — Built On Struggle
Lionheart — From Nothing
Lionheart — Hail Mary
Lionheart — How I Was Raised
Lionheart — Lhhc
Lionheart — Lifer
Lionheart — Never Break
Lionheart — Relentless
Lionheart — Rest In Power
Lionheart — The Hand That Feeds
Lionheart — The Only Life I Know
Lionheart — Through Hell And Back
Lionheart — Undisputed