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Lofofora is a French band in the Fusion Metal-Hardcore music genre. From the city of Paris, they write songs for protest and denounce some of the failings of French society. For example, the problems in the underdeveloped outskirts, the hypocrisy of the politics of the French Right Extreme leagues. Among their famous titles are "L'Oeuf", "Buvez du cul", and "No Fachos". This band was created in 19

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Lofofora — Alarme Citoyens
Lofofora — Charisman
Lofofora — Dur Comme Fer
Lofofora — Holiday In France
Lofofora — Justice Pour Tous
Lofofora — Le Fond Et La Forme
Lofofora — Les Gens
Lofofora — Les Meutes
Lofofora — Loeuf
Lofofora — No Facho
Lofofora — Serie Z
Lofofora — Subliminable
Lofofora — Vice Et Rle
Lofofora — Viscral
Lofofora — Vive Le Feu
Lofofora — Weedo