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Loudness is a Japanese heavy metal band formed in 1981 by guitarist Akira Takasaki and drummer Munetaka Higuchi. They were the first Japanese heavy metal act signed to a major label in the United States, releasing twenty-three studio albums (five in America) by the end of 2009 and reaching the Billboard Top 100 in their moment of maximum international popularity. Despite numerous changes in their

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Loudness — 222
Loudness — 25 Days From Home
Loudness — Ares Lament
Loudness — Ashes In The Sky
Loudness — Black Widow
Loudness — Bloody Doom
Loudness — Broken Jesus
Loudness — Bug Killer
Loudness — Chaos
Loudness — Climaxxx
Loudness — Crazy Doctor Live
Loudness — Crazy Night
Loudness — Dark Desire
Loudness — Deadly Player
Loudness — Desperation Desecration
Loudness — Dogshit
Loudness — Down N Dirty
Loudness — Electric Kisses
Loudness — Enter The Dragon
Loudness — Eruption
Loudness — Everyone Lies
Loudness — Eyes Of A Child
Loudness — Find A Way
Loudness — Firestorm
Loudness — Freedom
Loudness — Girl
Loudness — Heavy Chains
Loudness — Hellrider
Loudness — House Of Freaks
Loudness — How Many More Times
Loudness — Howling Rain
Loudness — In The Mirror
Loudness — Inflame
Loudness — Let It Go
Loudness — Light In The Distance
Loudness — Like Hell
Loudness — Long Distance
Loudness — Lost Without Your Love
Loudness — Loudness
Loudness — Love Kills
Loudness — Love Toys
Loudness — Lunatic
Loudness — Master Of The Highway
Loudness — Never Again
Loudness — Never Change Your Mind
Loudness — Never Forget You
Loudness — Paralyzed
Loudness — Picture Your Life
Loudness — Playin Games
Loudness — Pray For The Dead
Loudness — Racing The Wind
Loudness — Real Man
Loudness — Risky Woman
Loudness — Run For Your Life
Loudness — Sdi
Loudness — Slap In The Face
Loudness — Slaughter House
Loudness — Sleepless Night
Loudness — Snake Venom
Loudness — So Lonely
Loudness — Soldier Of Fortune
Loudness — Soldier Of Fortune
Loudness — Speed Live
Loudness — Spiritual Canoe
Loudness — Stay Wild
Loudness — Suicide Doll
Loudness — Take It Or Leave It
Loudness — The Candidate
Loudness — The End Of Earth
Loudness — The Lines Are Down
Loudness — The Night Beast
Loudness — The Pandemonium
Loudness — The Power Of Love
Loudness — The Seven Deadly Sins
Loudness — The Winds Of Victory
Loudness — Touch My Heart
Loudness — Twisted
Loudness — Vision
Loudness — Waking The Dead
Loudness — 1000 Eyes