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guitar tabs and chords

The best way to learn Macbeth songs on guitar. Play tab and chords directly in your browser without additional software read more...

There are at least 6 bands named "Macbeth". 1) A Gothic metal band from Italy who formed in 1995. Signed to Dragonheart Records, they have been releasing albums since 1998 and have toured Europe and Mexico. Discography : - “Romantic Tragedy’s Crescendo” (1998, Dragonheart) - “Vanitas” (2001, Dragonheart) - “Malae Artes” (2005, Dragonheart) - "Superangelic Hate Bringers" (2007, Dragonheart) - "

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Macbeth — Aloisa
Macbeth — El Diablo Y La Luna
Macbeth — Forever
Macbeth — Good Mourning
Macbeth — How Can Heaven Love Me
Macbeth — Moonlight Caress
Macbeth — Shadow Of Eden
Macbeth — Sweet Endless Sleep