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The NYHC band Madball originated back in the late 1980s, as a side project of legendary NYHC outfit Agnostic Front (Where none other than AF's frontman Roger Miret would let his little brother Freddy "Madball" Cricien take the microphone on lead vocals during AF shows). After releasing the "Ball of Destruction" single in 1989, the buzz around the streets was the question of when was Madball going

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Madball — 100
Madball — Doc Marten Stomp
Madball — Get Out
Madball — Hardcore Pride
Madball — Heavenhell
Madball — Hold It Down
Madball — Infiltrate The System
Madball — Its My Life
Madball — Live Or Die
Madball — Lockdown
Madball — Never Had It
Madball — No Escape
Madball — Para Mi Gente
Madball — Pride Times Are Changing
Madball — Rahc
Madball — Say What
Madball — Set It Off
Madball — Set Me Free
Madball — Spit On Your Grave
Madball — Thinking To Myself
Madball — The Balance
Madball — Dna
Madball — Born Strong