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There is more than one artist by the name of Madsen. 1. Madsen is a rock band from Priesseck, a district of Clenze (Wendland), Germany. Three of the five members are brothers, so the band name is taken from their surname; Madsen. Their music contains elements of rock, punk, and pop, with German lyrics. The band was formerly known as Hoerstuatz. 2. Madsen is also Paul Madsen, an English elect

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Madsen — Ich Rette Die Welt
Madsen — Ein Sturm
Madsen — Du Schreibst Geschichte
Madsen — Die Perfektion
Madsen — Goodbye Logik
Madsen — Grausam Und Schoen
Madsen — So Cool Bist Du Nicht
Madsen — Nachtbaden
Madsen — Liebeslied
Madsen — Plastikwelt
Madsen — Vielleicht
Madsen — Verschwende Dich Nicht
Madsen — Wenn Der Regen
Madsen — Ich Trink Nur Eben Aus