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Manowar is a metal band from Auburn, New York, United States that prominently features mythology and fantasy in their lyrics as well as songs about Heavy Metal and a theme of camaraderie with rebellious attitude. Manowar was founded by bassist Joey DeMaio and guitarist Ross "Ross the Boss" Friedman in 1980. Joey DeMaio was a bass/pyro technician for Black Sabbath, who were playing a show in Engl

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Manowar — Army Of Immortals
Manowar — Battle Hymns
Manowar — Bridge Of Death
Manowar — Defender
Manowar — Hail And Kill
Manowar — Hand Of Doom
Manowar — Heart Of Steel
Manowar — Kings Of Metal
Manowar — Sons Of Odin
Manowar — Sting Of The Bumblebee
Manowar — Thor The Powerhead
Manowar — Blood Brothers
Manowar — All Men Play On Ten
Manowar — Blood Of The Kings
Manowar — Blow Your Speakers
Manowar — Blood Of My Enemies
Manowar — Call To Arms
Manowar — Carry On
Manowar — Brothers Of Metal
Manowar — Courage
Manowar — Father
Manowar — Die For Metal
Manowar — Die With Honor
Manowar — Fight Until We Die
Manowar — Fighting The World
Manowar — Gloves Of Metal
Manowar — Gates Of Valhalla
Manowar — Holy War
Manowar — Hail To England
Manowar — House Of Death
Manowar — I Believe
Manowar — Loki God Of Fire
Manowar — Manowar
Manowar — Kill With Power
Manowar — Let The Gods Decide
Manowar — Animals
Manowar — Master Of The Wind
Manowar — My Spirit Lives On
Manowar — Mountains
Manowar — Metal Warriors
Manowar — Number 1
Manowar — Odin
Manowar — Outlaw
Manowar — Ride The Dragons
Manowar — Pleasure Slave
Manowar — Return Of The Warlord
Manowar — Secrets Of Steel
Manowar — Sleipnir
Manowar — The Art Of Ross The Boss
Manowar — The Crown And The Ring
Manowar — Swords In The Wind
Manowar — Thor
Manowar — The Power Of Thy Sword
Manowar — Touch The Sky
Manowar — Violence And Bloodshed
Manowar — Warriors Of The World
Manowar — Wheels Of Fire
Manowar — Fight For Freedom
Manowar — Hail And Kill
Manowar — King
Manowar — Kingdom Come
Manowar — Mountains
Manowar — The Power
Manowar — The Oath
Manowar — Shell Shock
Manowar — Revelation Deaths Angel
Manowar — Each Dawn I Die
Manowar — Blood Of The Kings Mmxiv
Manowar — Dark Avenger