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Manu Chao
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Manu Chao (⋆ 21 June 1961 in Paris, France) is a Frensh/Spanish rock, reggae, punk and ska artist; well-known at Paris alternative music scene before his international success with the band Mano Negra (active 1988-95). Well-known songs are 'Me Gustas Tu', 'Bongo Bong', 'Clandestino', 'Mr Bobby', and 'Je Ne'taime Plus'. Manu is one of the world's largest selling artists, but is less known in the En

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Manu Chao — Bienvenida A Tijuana
Manu Chao — Bixo
Manu Chao — Bongo Bong
Manu Chao — Clandestino
Manu Chao — D Luna Da Pena
Manu Chao — El Viento
Manu Chao — Eldorado 1997
Manu Chao — La Primavera
Manu Chao — Luna Y Sol
Manu Chao — Me Gustas Tu
Manu Chao — Mentira
Manu Chao — Mr Bobby
Manu Chao — Rainin In Paradize