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Marduk is a Swedish black metal band. Marduk's predominant lyrical topics are Satanism, anti-Christianity, death, war and the Third Reich. The latter is an addition to their lyrical-conceptual themes stemming from their 1999 release Panzer Division Marduk; it quickly grew among their fans' favorites and so far Marduk have released more and more songs relating to that dark but fascinating chapter o

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Marduk — Ars Moriendi
Marduk — Azrael
Marduk — 502
Marduk — Beast Of Prey
Marduk — Accuseropposer
Marduk — Baptism By Fire
Marduk — Blooddawn
Marduk — Bloodletting
Marduk — Beyond The Grace Of God
Marduk — Bleached Bones
Marduk — Bloodtide
Marduk — Bonds Of Unholy Matrimony
Marduk — Castrum Doloris
Marduk — Dark Endless
Marduk — Christraping Black Metal
Marduk — Funeral Bitch
Marduk — Echoes From The Past
Marduk — Cloven Hoof
Marduk — Fistfucking Gods Planet
Marduk — Holy Blood Holy Grail
Marduk — Funeral Dawn
Marduk — Jesus Christ Sodomized
Marduk — Hearse
Marduk — Infernal Eternal
Marduk — Hangman Of Prague
Marduk — La Grande Danse Macabre
Marduk — Levelling Dust
Marduk — Materialized In Stone
Marduk — Of Hells Fire
Marduk — Night Of The Long Knives
Marduk — Obedience Unto Death
Marduk — Nightwing
Marduk — On Darkened Wings
Marduk — Opus Nocturne
Marduk — Panzer Division Marduk
Marduk — Pompa Funebris 1660
Marduk — Scorched Earth
Marduk — Perish In Flames
Marduk — Souls For Belial
Marduk — Slay The Nazarene
Marduk — Steel Inferno
Marduk — Still Fucking Dead
Marduk — Temple Of Decay
Marduk — Those Of The Unlight
Marduk — Sulphur Souls
Marduk — Throne Of Rats
Marduk — The Black
Marduk — Summers End
Marduk — To The Deaths Head True
Marduk — World Funeral
Marduk — Women Of Dark Desires
Marduk — Wolves
Marduk — Whorecrown
Marduk — Deme Quaden Thyrane
Marduk — Wartheland
Marduk — Frontschwein
Marduk — Dreams Of Blood And Iron