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Marillion are a rock band formed in Aylesbury, England . Their 30-year career is marked by two distinctive phases; the early years fronted by Fish which saw their greatest commercial success, and much longer period fronted by Steve Hogarth in which the band have constantly re-invented themselves so as to continue to be relevant into the 21st century. The Fish era is often categorized as neo-prog

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Marillion — After Me
Marillion — Beautiful
Marillion — Chelsea Monday
Marillion — Childhoods End
Marillion — Cinderella Search
Marillion — Costa Del Slough
Marillion — Easter
Marillion — Faith
Marillion — Going Under
Marillion — Grendel
Marillion — He Knows You Know
Marillion — Heart Of Lothian
Marillion — Incubus
Marillion — Jigsaw
Marillion — Kayleigh
Marillion — Lavender
Marillion — Made Again
Marillion — Market Square Heroes
Marillion — No One Can
Marillion — Incubus
Marillion — Pseudo Silk Kimono
Marillion — Sugar Mice
Marillion — The Hollow Man
Marillion — The Space
Marillion — Waiting To Happen
Marillion — Blind Curve
Marillion — Now Shell Never Know
Marillion — The New Kings
Marillion — Real Tears For Sale
Marillion — The Bell In The Sea