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There are three artists on last.fm with this name 1. Matanza is a band from Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Their music is a blend of Hardcore Punk, Country and Heavy Metal, thus forming the genre that the media titled Countrycore. Matanza was conceived in 1996 by Jimmy London and Donida, given the idea to explore the simple and straightforward melodies of the early career of the American singer Johnn

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Matanza — Amigo Nenhum
Matanza — Bom Quando Faz Mal
Matanza — Clube Dos Canalhas
Matanza — Contrycore Funeral
Matanza — E Tudo Vai Ficar Pior
Matanza — Ela Nao Me Perdoou
Matanza — Ela Roubou Meu Caminhao
Matanza — Eu Nao Gosto De Ninguem
Matanza — Imbecil
Matanza — Interceptor V6
Matanza — Mais Um Dia Por Aqui
Matanza — Mesa De Saloon
Matanza — O Ultimo Bar
Matanza — Pe Na Porta Soco Na Cara
Matanza — Sabendo Que Posso Morrer
Matanza — Santanico Parte 1
Matanza — Santanico Parte 2
Matanza — Taberneira Traga O Gin
Matanza — Tombstone City