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Mendeed was a Metal band, formed in Dumbarton, Scotland. The band was active from 2000 until 2007 and played a mixture of classic heavy metal, thrash metal and metalcore. The band was formed in 2000. At first the members saw it as nothing more than a hobby. Two years later they started recording songs which brought them a recording contract with UK label Rising Records in December of 2003.. The b

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Mendeed — Glory Be Thy Name
Mendeed — Beneat A Burning Sky
Mendeed — Fuel The Fire
Mendeed — Our War
Mendeed — Burning Fear
Mendeed — Remains Of The Day
Mendeed — Poisoned Hearts
Mendeed — Reaper Waits
Mendeed — Through Dead Eyes
Mendeed — The Dead Live By Love
Mendeed — The Fight
Mendeed — Thirteen
Mendeed — Glory Be Thy Name
Mendeed — Remains Of The Day
Mendeed — Thirteen