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Metric is an indie rock/New Wave band formed in 1998 in Toronto, Canada. The band members are Emily Haines (vocals, synths, guitar, tambourine), James Shaw (guitar, synths, theremin, backing vocals), Josh Winstead (bass, synths, backing vocals) and Joules Scott-Key (drums). The band name was inspired after a sound called "Metric" that was programmed by Shaw on his keyboard. They were based at vari

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Metric — Black Sheep
Metric — Breathing Underwater
Metric — Combat Baby
Metric — Dead Disco
Metric — Empty
Metric — Gimme Sympathy
Metric — Gimme Sympathy Acoustic
Metric — Help Im Alive
Metric — Joyride
Metric — Love Is A Place
Metric — Poster Of A Girl
Metric — Satellite Mind
Metric — Soft Rock Star
Metric — The Twist
Metric — The Wanderlust
Metric — Too Little Too Late
Metric — Torture Me