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1986, Bursa, Turkey Mezarkabul (known domestically as Pentagram) is one of the most famous heavy metal bands in Turkey. Founded by Hakan Utangaç and Cenk Ünnü. In 1987, bassist Tarkan Gözübüyük joined. Their first album, the self titled "Pentagram" was released in 1990 and consisted of speed/thrash metal songs. Murat Net, who would later be replaced by Demir Demirkan, played lead guitar for thei

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Mezarkabul — 1000 In The Eastland
Mezarkabul — Anatolia
Mezarkabul — Ftwda
Mezarkabul — Gunduz Gece
Mezarkabul — In Esir Like An Eagle
Mezarkabul — Lions In A Cage
Mezarkabul — Mezarkabul Gndz Gece
Mezarkabul — No One Wins The Fight
Mezarkabul — Puratu
Mezarkabul — Sonsuzluk
Mezarkabul — Stand To Fall
Mezarkabul — This Too Will Pass
Mezarkabul — Tigris Ve Bir
Mezarkabul — Trail Blazer
Mezarkabul — Unspoken