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Milky Chance
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Milky Chance is a German alternative pop folk rock duo with reggae and electronic music influences made up of Clemens Rehbein as vocalist and musician and Philipp Dausch as DJ. Both originating from Kassel, they are signed to Kassel-based label Lichtdicht Records. The duo finished their high school education at Jacob-Grimm-Schule. Clemens played in a jazz quartet known as Flown Tones where he pla

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Milky Chance — Stolen Dance
Milky Chance — Sweet Sun
Milky Chance — Stolen Dance
Milky Chance — Down By The River
Milky Chance — Ego
Milky Chance — Blossom
Milky Chance — Cocoon
Milky Chance — Stolen Dance Live
Milky Chance — Running