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Mnemic (pronounced /ˈniːmɨk/) is a Danish metal band, formed in Aalborg, Denmark in 1998. Their music has been described as a fusion between metalcore, melodic death metal, industrial metal with additional elements of thrash metal and groove metal, to form a style the band themselves have described as "Future Fusion Metal." Named as one of Metallica's favorite bands, they have opened for Metallica

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Mnemic — Deathbox
Mnemic — Diesel Uterus
Mnemic — Door 212
Mnemic — Dreamstate Emergency
Mnemic — Electric Id Hypocrisy
Mnemic — In The Nothingness Black
Mnemic — Ive Been You
Mnemic — Jack Vegas
Mnemic — Liquid
Mnemic — Mindsaver
Mnemic — Mnemesis
Mnemic — Psykorgasm
Mnemic — The Eye On Your Back
Mnemic — Transcend