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The best way to learn Mogwai songs on guitar. Play tab and chords directly in your browser without additional software read more...

Mogwai are a band from Glasgow formed in 1995. They compose lengthy, mostly instrumental guitar-based pieces in the style of post-rock, usually focused around the elaboration of a single theme, and are known traditionally for their quiet/loud dynamic, defined bass riffs, and an eminent ambient sound, sometimes dark and sometimes grand. Although frequently referred to as post-rock, the band have re

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Mogwai — Acid Food
Mogwai — Batcat
Mogwai — Black Spider
Mogwai — Christmas Steps
Mogwai — Friend Of The Night
Mogwai — Glasgow Mega—snake
Mogwai — Helicon 2
Mogwai — Hunted By A Freak
Mogwai — Now Youre Taken
Mogwai — Punk Rock
Mogwai — Rano Pano
Mogwai — Remurdered
Mogwai — San Pedro
Mogwai — Summer
Mogwai — The Precipice
Mogwai — Tracy
Mogwai — Were No Here
Mogwai — Youre Lionel Richie
Mogwai — Take Me Somewhere Nice
Mogwai — Relative Hysteria