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There are six bands with the name Monuments: 1. Monuments is a progressive metal/djent band from London, UK formed in 2009. The music combines aggressive angular grooves interwoven with spacious melodic ambience that is punchy yet progressive. They released their debut 3-track EP “We Are The Foundation” in 2010, and their debut LP “Gnosis” was released through Century Media in 2012. 2. Monumen

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Monuments — Atlas
Monuments — Denial
Monuments — Admit Defeat
Monuments — Degenerate
Monuments — 97 Static
Monuments — Blue Sky Thinking
Monuments — Doxa
Monuments — Garden Of Sankhara
Monuments — I The Creator
Monuments — Horcrux
Monuments — I The Destroyer
Monuments — Origin Of Escape
Monuments — Jinn
Monuments — Memoirs
Monuments — Regenerate
Monuments — Saga City
Monuments — Quasimodo
Monuments — The Uncollective
Monuments — Titan
Monuments — The Alchemist
Monuments — Stygian Blue