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Morphine was formed in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States in 1990 by Mark Sandman (vocals, bass) and Dana Colley (saxophone). Jerome Dupree became the group's drummer in 1991 prior to the release of their debut album, Good. "Low Rock" is Morphine's unique combination of jazz, blues and pop/rock, sung with darkly comic and ironic lyrics. Their guitarless sound relied on an unusual combination

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Morphine — Buena
Morphine — Candy
Morphine — Cure For Pain
Morphine — Empty Box
Morphine — Free Love
Morphine — Good
Morphine — Honey White
Morphine — Im Yours Youre Mine
Morphine — Saddest Song
Morphine — Scratch
Morphine — Sharks
Morphine — Thursday
Morphine — In Spite Of Me