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Mudvayne is an American metal band from Peoria, IL formed in 1996. The musical styles of their first two albums were highly innovative, combining elements of progressive metal with alternative metal and were considered to be a math metal band for this sound, although the band's later albums changed direction. The band is best recognizable by their strong drumming, complex bass playing, heavy, gruf

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Mudvayne — World So Cold
Mudvayne — All That You Are
Mudvayne — Beautifull And Strange
Mudvayne — Death Blooms
Mudvayne — Determined
Mudvayne — Forget To Remember
Mudvayne — Happy
Mudvayne — Just
Mudvayne — Not Falling
Mudvayne — Nothing To Geil
Mudvayne — Scarlet Letters
Mudvayne — Tv Radio
Mudvayne — Everything And Nothing
Mudvayne — Dead Inside
Mudvayne — Fall Into Sleep
Mudvayne — Dig
Mudvayne — Do What You Do
Mudvayne — Dull Boy
Mudvayne — Prod
Mudvayne — Goodbye
Mudvayne — Perversion Of A Truth
Mudvayne — Pharmaecopia
Mudvayne — Nothing To Gein
Mudvayne — Pulling The String
Mudvayne — Same Ol
Mudvayne — Rain Sun Gone
Mudvayne — Pushing Through
Mudvayne — Scream With Me
Mudvayne — Severed
Mudvayne — Silenced
Mudvayne — Shadow Of A Man
Mudvayne — Skrying
Mudvayne — Under My Skin
Mudvayne — We The People
Mudvayne — The Patient Mental
Mudvayne — Cradle
Mudvayne — A Key To Nothing
Mudvayne — A Cinderella Story
Mudvayne — Have It Your Way
Mudvayne — Choices
Mudvayne — Beautiful And Strange
Mudvayne — Solve Et Coagula
Mudvayne — Know Forever
Mudvayne — Mercy Severity
Mudvayne — Negative One
Mudvayne — —1
Mudvayne — Imn
Mudvayne — Never Enough
Mudvayne — Not Falling Live
Mudvayne — Fish Out Of Water