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Mushroomhead is an American metal outfit that emerged in the 1990s. Mushroomhead's forceful yet melodic alternative metal incorporates elements of hip-hop, as well as industrial metal. Formed by drummer Skinny in 1993, Mushroomhead was originally a side-project for members of other Cleveland bands. They played their first show on October 22nd of that year. The members wore a variety of masks to h

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Mushroomhead — Almost Gone
Mushroomhead — Chancre Sore
Mushroomhead — Before I Die
Mushroomhead — 12 Hundred
Mushroomhead — Bwomp
Mushroomhead — 43
Mushroomhead — Damage Done
Mushroomhead — Episode 29
Mushroomhead — Come On
Mushroomhead — Devils Be Damned
Mushroomhead — Eternal
Mushroomhead — Kill Tomorrow
Mushroomhead — One More Day
Mushroomhead — Mother Machine Gun
Mushroomhead — Nowhere To Go
Mushroomhead — Our Apologies
Mushroomhead — Save Us
Mushroomhead — Our Own Way
Mushroomhead — Simple Survival
Mushroomhead — The Wrist
Mushroomhead — The Dream Is Over
Mushroomhead — Sun Doesnt Rise
Mushroomhead — Slow Thing
Mushroomhead — Worlds Collide
Mushroomhead — Xeroxed
Mushroomhead — We Are The Truth
Mushroomhead — Out Of My Mind
Mushroomhead — Qwerty
Mushroomhead — Thirteen
Mushroomhead — Indifferent
Mushroomhead — The New Cult King