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MxPx is a punk rock band that was formed in 1992 in Bremerton, Washington, United States. MxPx started as three 15-year-old kids calling themselves Magnified Plaid pounding out music inspired by and similar to The Descendents and other Southern California punk rock bands. They didn’t really love their band name, however, which was a tribute to the original guitarist’s penchant for wearing one par

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Mxpx — Barbie Girl
Mxpx — Breathe Deep
Mxpx — Broken Hearted
Mxpx — Chick Magnet
Mxpx — Christalena
Mxpx — Circumstance
Mxpx — Cristalena
Mxpx — Darkest Places
Mxpx — Doing Time
Mxpx — Fist Vs Tact Lyrics
Mxpx — Grey Skies Turn Blue
Mxpx — Gsf
Mxpx — Heard That Sound
Mxpx — Im Ok Youre Ok
Mxpx — Late Again
Mxpx — Middlename
Mxpx — Mom Still Cleans My Room
Mxpx — More Everything
Mxpx — Mountain Dew Song
Mxpx — Move To Bremerton
Mxpx — Mxpx — Responsibility
Mxpx — My Life Story
Mxpx — Party My House Be There
Mxpx — Play It Loud
Mxpx — Popeye The Sailor Man
Mxpx — Punk Rawk Show
Mxpx — Quit Your Life
Mxpx — Responsability
Mxpx — Responsibility
Mxpx — Scooby Doo Where Are You
Mxpx — Secret Weapon
Mxpx — Shut It Down
Mxpx — Story
Mxpx — Summer Of 69
Mxpx — Sweet Sweet Thing
Mxpx — Take On Me
Mxpx — Teenage Politics
Mxpx — Today Is In My
Mxpx — Tomarrows Another Day
Mxpx — Want Ad
Mxpx — Wrecking Hotel Rooms
Mxpx — You Make Me Me
Mxpx — Youre On Fire
Mxpx — The Kkk Took My Baby Away
Mxpx — They