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My Autumn
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My Autumn is a Russian deathcore band from Saint Petersburg. The band formed in 2006 when from the ashes of two unknown bands gathered into one. After many members changes and a long search for their own sound, the band released their debut EP Inexpressible Words in 2008. Touring History: -Numerous tours over Russia \ Belorussia \ Ukraine (around 150 shows in 4 years) -3 tours over Europe: 1. Eu

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My Autumn — Confrontation
My Autumn — Desire
My Autumn — Intro
My Autumn — Meet Future
My Autumn — Oblivion Era
My Autumn — Oceanships
My Autumn — Running Man
My Autumn — Ships
My Autumn — The Lost Meridian
My Autumn — The Streaming Person
My Autumn — Water Drop