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Nancial – is a five-piece metalcore/melodic death metal band from Moscow, Russia, formed in 2005. Nanical’s independent EP, Ruts Of Old Cuts, was released in 2007. A year later, in the summer of 2008, Nancial recorded their first full-length album — Meaning of life at Z-Studio & Navahohut Sound. It shocks by its variety and power and is widely acclaimed as one of the most prominent Russian releas

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Nancial — Admit This
Nancial — Disease
Nancial — Dream
Nancial — Eclipse
Nancial — Empty Vial
Nancial — Endless Myriads Of Musts
Nancial — Enjoy The Show
Nancial — Keep Trying
Nancial — No Freedom
Nancial — Obsessed
Nancial — This Will Never End