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In the summer of 2003, Tobias Buck, who at that time played the lead guitar in the Münster death metal formation Malzan, decided to start a metal side project that should take a different musical direction and lay more emphasis soundwise on power metal and hardcore influences. To carry out his plans, Toby teamed up with drummer Sebastian Heldt, whom he had already played together with in the 1998

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Neaera — Age Of Hunger
Neaera — Anthem Of Despair
Neaera — Armamentarium
Neaera — Beyond The Gates
Neaera — Broken Spine
Neaera — Definition Of Love
Neaera — Heavenhell
Neaera — Heavens Descent
Neaera — Hibernating Reason
Neaera — Let The Tempest Come
Neaera — Life Damages The Living
Neaera — Mechanism
Neaera — Mechanisms Of Standstill
Neaera — Paradigm Lost
Neaera — Prey To Anguish
Neaera — Save The Drowning Child
Neaera — Spearheading The Spawn
Neaera — Synergy
Neaera — Walk With Fire
Neaera — Walls Instead Of Bridges
Neaera — World Devourers