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No Way Out
guitar tabs and chords

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1 - A Punk-pop band from Spain. 2 - A Hardcore/Metal outfit from Melbourne, Australia. 3 - A Industrial / Noise project from France. http://nahshatrymproductions.bandcamp.com/ 4 - A post hardcore band from San Diego, California. Later changed name to My American Heart. 5 - A punk band originating in Woodstock, CT who still gets together every 5 years to record a new demo tape. 6 - A punk rock band

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No Way Out — En Mil Pedazos
No Way Out — Here I Stay
No Way Out — Lo Mismo
No Way Out — No Way Out
No Way Out — Think Demo Version
No Way Out — Nice Guys Finish Last
No Way Out — Bed Of Thorns
No Way Out — A Letter To You