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Norther was a metal band from Helsinki, Finland. The band began in early 1996 under the name of Requiem, and was assembled by guitarist Petri Lindroos and drummer Toni Hallio accompanied by two other musicians. In the beginning, the band suffered from the lack of a proper rehearsal place, but in late 1997, guitarist Alexander Kuoppala (ex-Children of Bodom) found a suitable place for them to prac

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Norther — A Fallen Star
Norther — Alone In The End
Norther — Beneath
Norther — Black Gold
Norther — Break Myself Away
Norther — Cry
Norther — Day Of Redemption
Norther — Dead
Norther — Endless War
Norther — Everything
Norther — Frozen Sky
Norther — Going Nowhere
Norther — Hollow
Norther — Last Breath
Norther — Mirror Of Madness
Norther — Norther
Norther — Nothing
Norther — Omen
Norther — Saviour
Norther — Vain
Norther — Betrayed
Norther — Blackhearted
Norther — Break Myself Away
Norther — Cus
Norther — Darkest Time
Norther — Day Of Redemption
Norther — Day Zero
Norther — Death Unlimited
Norther — Deep Inside
Norther — Deep Inside
Norther — Down
Norther — Dream
Norther — Drowning
Norther — Frozen Angel
Norther — Fuck You
Norther — Hellhole
Norther — If You Go
Norther — Midnight Walker
Norther — Mirror Of Maddness
Norther — My Antichrist
Norther — Nightfall
Norther — No Way Back
Norther — Nothing Left
Norther — Of Darkness And Light
Norther — Released
Norther — Savior
Norther — Smash
Norther — The Final Countdown
Norther — Throwing My Life Away
Norther — To Hell
Norther — Unleash Hell
Norther — Unleashed Hell
Norther — Victorious One
Norther — We Rock
Norther — Ydks