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Nothgard was founded in 2008 by Dom and Toni. After a few months of jam sessions, they started to work on their own songs. Of course there was an indispensable need for a bassist and rhythm guitar. Viktor joined the band as man responsible for the pressure. Isochronicly with Chris (rhythm guitar), Lena became member of the band, giving the songs a symphonic touch by playing the keys. - So their

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Nothgard — Ancient Heritage
Nothgard — Arminius
Nothgard — Blackened Seed
Nothgard — Blackened Sky
Nothgard — Einherjer
Nothgard — Lex Talionis
Nothgard — Ragnarok
Nothgard — Rise After Falling
Nothgard — Spirit
Nothgard — Under The Serpent Sign
Nothgard — Victory
Nothgard — Warhorns Of Midgard