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Nothingface were an alternative metal band which formed in 1994 in Washington D.C., United States. For most of the band's career, the lineup consisted of Matt Holt (vocals), Tom Maxwell (guitar), Bill Gaal (bass) and Chris Houck (drums). The band released five albums - "Nothingface" (1995), "Pacifier" (1997), "An Audio Guide to Everyday Atrocity" (1998), "Violence" (2000) and "Skeletons" (2004) -

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Nothingface — Bleeder
Nothingface — Breathe Out
Nothingface — Ether
Nothingface — For All The Sin
Nothingface — Machination
Nothingface — Patricide
Nothingface — Same Solution
Nothingface — The Sick
Nothingface — Walking On Bodies