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There are at least three artists named Noumena: (1) Finnish metal band (2) n9 (earlier Noumena) (3) Noise/powerelectronics project originally from Pittsburgh, PA (1) Noumena is a Melodic Death Metal band from Ähtäri, Finland, formed in 1998. The band's name comes from the word noumenon, a philosophical term used by Immanuel Kant. It consists of five members: vocalist Antti Haapanen, guitarists

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Noumena — A Day To Depart
Noumena — All Veiled
Noumena — Everlasting Ward
Noumena — Handful Of Dust
Noumena — Misanthropolis
Noumena — The End Of The Century
Noumena — The First Drop
Noumena — The Great Anonymous Doom
Noumena — Through The Element
Noumena — Innate 13