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Obliveon was formed in January 1987, Montreal, Québec, Canada under the almost same name of Oblivion. Martin Gagné and Stéphane Picard were the only original members from the first line-up, rounded up at the time by Francis Giguère. Two demos were recorded by the power trio in that year; the first one in March and the second one, Whimsical Uproar, in September. In 1989, after the departure of Fra

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Obliveon — Biomcanique
Obliveon — Chronocraze
Obliveon — Cybervoid
Obliveon — Desert Incorporel
Obliveon — Devil In My Eyes
Obliveon — Downward
Obliveon — Dynamo
Obliveon — Factory Of Delusions
Obliveon — Friction Of Veracity
Obliveon — From This Day Forward
Obliveon — Imminent Regenerator
Obliveon — Nemesis
Obliveon — Perihelion