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Onmyo-Za (also Onmyouza or Onmyoza; Japanese: 陰陽座, literally "Onmyou gathering") are a Japanese heavy metal band who released their first commercial album in 1999. They play quite orthodox heavy metal music comparable to Iron Maiden or Judas Priest, mixed with elements from Japanese folk and pop music. Since their debut, they have appeared in traditional clothing characteristic of Japan's Heian pe

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Onmyouza — Aoki Doukugan
Onmyouza — Enenra
Onmyouza — Gekka
Onmyouza — Hoyoku Tensyo
Onmyouza — Jami No Houyou
Onmyouza — Karasu Tengu
Onmyouza — Kokui No Tennyo
Onmyouza — Kouga Ninpocho
Onmyouza — Kouga Ninpou Chou
Onmyouza — Kouganinboujou
Onmyouza — Kureha
Onmyouza — Maikubi
Onmyouza — Maou
Onmyouza — Mizuchinomiko
Onmyouza — Mugen
Onmyouza — Omokage
Onmyouza — Onmyoji
Onmyouza — Shuten Douji
Onmyouza — Youka Ninpouchou