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Onslaught were formed in 1982/83 in Bristol, England by guitarist Nige Rockett. vocalist Jase Pope and Bassist Paul Hill and soon after to be joined by drummer Steve Grice. a demo was recorded and released later that year by this line up. Jase Pope and Paul Hill were soon to be replaced by Roge Davies and Paul Davis respectively. The subsequent line-up recorded an EP, What Lies Ahead, in 1983. I

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Onslaught — Killing Peace
Onslaught — Metal Forces
Onslaught — Power From Hell
Onslaught — Let There Be Death
Onslaught — Steel Meets Steel
Onslaught — Death Metal
Onslaught — Fight With The Beast
Onslaught — The Devils Legion
Onslaught — Lord Of Evil
Onslaught — Angels Of Death
Onslaught — Contract In Blood
Onslaught — Thrash Till The Death
Onslaught — Witch Hunt