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OSI is an American progressive rock band, originally formed by Fates Warning guitarist Jim Matheos in 2002. Chroma Key keyboardist and vocalist Kevin Moore is the only other full-time member of the band. The collaboration may be considered a studio project, as its members and contributors write and track most of their material independently, sharing and developing tracks long-distance, only coming

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Osi — False Start
Osi — Free
Osi — Cold Call
Osi — The New Math What He Said
Osi — Wind Wont Howl
Osi — For Nothing
Osi — All Gone Now
Osi — Indian Curse
Osi — Sure You Will
Osi — Head
Osi — Hello Hellicopter
Osi — Radiologue
Osi — Be The Hero
Osi — Microburst Alert
Osi — Stockholm
Osi — Standby Looks Like Rain
Osi — No Celebrations
Osi — Blood
Osi — Osi
Osi — Guards
Osi — Enemy Prayer