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There are three bands called Ossian: a Hungarian heavy-metal band, a Scottish traditional-music group and a Polish ethnic/jazz group. 1. Ossian are a Heavy Metal band from Budapest, formed by ex-Pokolgép member, Endre Paksi in 1986. After two decades they are still active, and one of the most popular bands of the Hungarian metal scene. Line up: Endre Paksi - vocals (Pokolgép, Rockwell, Wellingto

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Ossian — 15 Perc
Ossian — A Heavy Metal Szletse
Ossian — A Magam Utjat Jarom
Ossian — A Magam Utjt Jrom
Ossian — A Pokolnl Hangosabb
Ossian — A Rock Katoni
Ossian — A Szabadsg Fantomja
Ossian — A Szerelem Gyilkosa
Ossian — A Tigris Knnyei
Ossian — A Trvnyen Kivli
Ossian — A Vrfarkas
Ossian — Aclszv
Ossian — Az Egyetlen
Ossian — Az Tletnap
Ossian — Ballada A Senki Firl
Ossian — Elo Sakkfigurak
Ossian — Finale Acelsziv
Ossian — Finl
Ossian — Fldntli Show
Ossian — Haragban A Vilggal
Ossian — Hsg
Ossian — Jfli Lny
Ossian — Jra Egytt
Ossian — Ki Vd Meg
Ossian — Magnyos Angyal
Ossian — Masnapos Dal
Ossian — Mg Egy Nap
Ossian — Msnapos Dal
Ossian — Nincs Vlasz
Ossian — Nzz Rm
Ossian — Rock N Roll Lny
Ossian — Rocker Vagyok
Ossian — Szenvedly
Ossian — Tbbet R Mindennl
Ossian — Trkeny Kp
Ossian — Tvers
Ossian — Valahol Messze
Ossian — Visszaszmlls