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The best way to learn Ozielzinho songs on guitar. Play tab and chords directly in your browser without additional software read more...

Ozielzinho is a Brazilian guitarist. He was born in Maranhão, starting his musical studies at the age of nine, Oziel Filho became famous through the website "Guitar Battle". Up to now, Ozielzinho produce workshops and has many fans, he also play's with his christian rock band called Althar.

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Ozielzinho — Cross
Ozielzinho — Doberman
Ozielzinho — Fenix
Ozielzinho — Illusion
Ozielzinho — Isabella
Ozielzinho — Karadypaw
Ozielzinho — No Gravity
Ozielzinho — Olho De Tigre
Ozielzinho — Paz Na Terra
Ozielzinho — Re Menor Philarmonic
Ozielzinho — Top Gear
Ozielzinho — Wolverine