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Pleymo is a nu metal band from Paris, France. Pleymo have sold over 100,000 albums to date. The band's name apparently originates from the lead singer once having a haircut as a child that was similar to that of Playmobil figures. Beggining and Keçkispasse? (1997-1999) Pleymo started in 1997, and they released a demo with 2 tracks: Nawak and Porn. In 1998, the group as evolved with the exit of Mat

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Pleymo — 1977
Pleymo — Adrenaline
Pleymo — Anmia
Pleymo — Blhm
Pleymo — Blohm Vraie Partition
Pleymo — Chanson Cache
Pleymo — Kongen
Pleymo — Linsolent
Pleymo — Modaddiction
Pleymo — Muck
Pleymo — Nawak
Pleymo — New Wave
Pleymo — On Ne Changera Rien
Pleymo — Polyester Mme
Pleymo — Porn
Pleymo — Projet Fonzd Ganja
Pleymo — Rock
Pleymo — Slilicon Liquide
Pleymo — Star Fm—r
Pleymo — Tank Club
Pleymo — United Nowhere
Pleymo — World
Pleymo — Yallah