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Guitar - Tim Henson Guitar - Scott LePage Bass - Clay Gober Hailing from the quiet suburbs of Plano, Texas, progressive rock outfit, Polyphia, are anything but mild-mannered. With a distinctly thought-out and well-orchestrated sound, the quartet pummels out blistering blast beats, and an onslaught of guitar shreds that blends, seamlessly, with melodic grooves and a humble intensity that never we

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Polyphia — Aviator
Polyphia — Champagne
Polyphia — Envision
Polyphia — An Evaporation
Polyphia — Baditude
Polyphia — 87
Polyphia — Finale
Polyphia — Impassion
Polyphia — Ignite
Polyphia — Hourglass
Polyphia — Inspire
Polyphia — James Franco
Polyphia — Sweet Tea
Polyphia — Memory
Polyphia — Mood Swing
Polyphia — Persevere
Polyphia — The Jungle
Polyphia — Transcend
Polyphia — Sweet Tea
Polyphia — Crush
Polyphia — Culture Shock
Polyphia — Amour
Polyphia — Bittersweet
Polyphia — Light
Polyphia — Ivory
Polyphia — Euphoria
Polyphia — Paradise
Polyphia — Nightmare
Polyphia — Florence
Polyphia — Storm
Polyphia — Symmetry