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Quo Vadis
guitar tabs and chords

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There are six different bands under this name (Canada, Poland, France, UK, Romania and Sweden). here they are: 1. Quo Vadis is a technical melodic death metal band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Their latest offering, the 2005 triple DVD entitled Defiant Indoctrination is a concert performed and recorded in their home town on May 7, 2005. It features spectacular visuals and theatricals. At the sh

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Quo Vadis — Absolution
Quo Vadis — Break The Cycle
Quo Vadis — Cadences Of Absonance
Quo Vadis — Carpae Deum
Quo Vadis — Deadmans Diary
Quo Vadis — Hunter Killer
Quo Vadis — In Contempt
Quo Vadis — Let It Burn
Quo Vadis — Mute Requiem
Quo Vadis — Mystery
Quo Vadis — Night Of The Roses
Quo Vadis — Nocturnal Reflections
Quo Vadis — Pantheon Of Tears
Quo Vadis — Rasputin
Quo Vadis — Silence Call The Storm