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guitar tabs and chords

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) A Canadian thrash metal band. 2) A grime/garage MC from the UK. 3) A German hard techno artist. 4) A thrash metal band from Argentina. 5) A Oi! band from Serbia. 1) Razor is a Canadian speed/thrash metal band formed in 1984 at Guelph, Ontario. The group shot music videos for songs such as "Evil Invaders", "Shotgun Justice", "American Luck" and "Su

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Razor — Cross Me Fool
Razor — Evil Invaders
Razor — Fast And Loud
Razor — Hot Metal
Razor — Iron Hammer
Razor — Jonny Quest
Razor — Legacy Of Doom
Razor — Miami
Razor — Speed Merchants
Razor — Thrashdance
Razor — United By Hatred
Razor — Tear Me To Pieces
Razor — Escape The Fire
Razor — Deathrace
Razor — Tortured Skull
Razor — Nowhere Fast
Razor — Cut Throat
Razor — Instant Death
Razor — Take This Torch
Razor — Enforcer
Razor — Behind Bars
Razor — Challenge The Eagle
Razor — Stand Before Kings
Razor — City Of Damnation
Razor — Hypertension
Razor — March Of Death
Razor — Gatecrasher