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There are quite a few artists called Requiem. 1. Requiem is a Swiss Death Metal band. 2. Requiem was an anarcho-punk/crust band featuring several former members of Catharsis 3. Requeim is a Lithuanian rock / post-punk band. 4. Requiem is a metalcore band from Salinas, California. 5. Requiem is a Thrash Metal band from Las Vegas, Nevada 6. Requiem is a Finnish Power Metal band. 7. Requiem

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Requiem — A Funeral March
Requiem — Ave Satanas
Requiem — Between Heaven And Hell
Requiem — Bleeding Now
Requiem — Dont Look Back
Requiem — Dulce Tentacion
Requiem — Final Conflict
Requiem — God Is Dead
Requiem — Just A Funeral Day
Requiem — Killing Cell
Requiem — Moonlights Darkness
Requiem — Mortal Drink
Requiem — Murder Usa
Requiem — No Return
Requiem — Outro
Requiem — Revelations
Requiem — Sadist To The Bones
Requiem — The Agony Scene
Requiem — Tragedy