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Revocation is a Death/Thrash Metal band from Boston, MA, formed in 2006 from Cryptic Warning. They combine the power and aggression of the old-school thrash metal style with the twisted musicianship of technical death metal. After 2 demos, they released their first full-length album, "Sanity's Abberation". A unique display of technical prowess and ferocious energy which came out in 2005. They rele

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Revocation — A Visitation
Revocation — Apex
Revocation — Archfiend
Revocation — Beloved Horrifier
Revocation — Bound By Desire
Revocation — Chaos Of Forms
Revocation — Cradle Robber
Revocation — Cretin
Revocation — Deathless
Revocation — Deathonomics
Revocation — Dethroned
Revocation — Enter The Hall
Revocation — Exhumed Identity
Revocation — Existence Is Futile
Revocation — Fields Of Predation
Revocation — Fracked
Revocation — Harlot
Revocation — Invidious
Revocation — Labyrinth Of Eyes
Revocation — Leviathan Awaits
Revocation — Madness Opus
Revocation — Maniacally Unleashed
Revocation — No Funeral
Revocation — Pestilence Reigns
Revocation — Reanimaniac
Revocation — Scorched Earth Policy
Revocation — Spastic
Revocation — Suffer These Wounds
Revocation — Summon The Spawn
Revocation — Tail From The Crypt
Revocation — Teretogenesis
Revocation — The Blackest Reaches
Revocation — The Gift You Gave
Revocation — The Grip Tightens
Revocation — The Hive
Revocation — Unattained
Revocation — United In Helotry
Revocation — Witch Trials
Revocation — Stillness
Revocation — Communion
Revocation — Crumbling Imperium
Revocation — Theatre Of Horror
Revocation — Copernican Heresy
Revocation — Profanum Vulgus