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Riverside is the name of at least five different bands: 1. A progressive rock band from Warsaw, Poland, founded in 2001 by Mariusz Duda (bass guitar, vocal), Piotr Grudziński (electric guitar) and Piotr Kozieradzki (drums), who shared a love for progressive rock and heavy metal. Up to 2003 Jacek Mielnicki was playing keyboard in the band, but some conflicts led him to leave the band, and in the s

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Riverside — Before
Riverside — Celebrity Touch
Riverside — Coda
Riverside — Conceiving You
Riverside — Hyperactive
Riverside — I Believe
Riverside — I Turned You Down
Riverside — Left Out
Riverside — Loose Heart
Riverside — New Generation Slave
Riverside — Out Of Myself
Riverside — Rainbow Box
Riverside — Reality Dream Iii
Riverside — Second Life Syndrome
Riverside — Through The Otherside
Riverside — Promise Acoustic
Riverside — Addicted
Riverside — Discard Your Fear
Riverside — Egoist Hedonist