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Savatage is a heavy metal/progressive metal band founded by the brothers Jon and Criss Oliva in 1979. The band is known for recording many rock operas. Early on, Savatage was a traditional heavy metal band, who stood out from the pack due to guitarist Criss Oliva's uncommonly heavy riffing and vocalist Jon Oliva's unique vocal stylings. Following the failure of FIGHT FOR THE ROCK, an attempt to c

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Savatage — 24 Hours Ago
Savatage — A Little Too Far
Savatage — Agony And Ecstasy
Savatage — All That I Bleed
Savatage — An Angel Came Down
Savatage — Awaken
Savatage — Back To A Reason
Savatage — Believe
Savatage — Chance
Savatage — Christmas Eve Sarajevo
Savatage — Conversation Piece
Savatage — Damien
Savatage — Dead Winter Dead
Savatage — Degrees Of Sanity
Savatage — Desire
Savatage — Edge Of Thorns
Savatage — Exit Music
Savatage — First Snow
Savatage — Follow Me
Savatage — Fountain Of Youth
Savatage — Ghost In The Ruins
Savatage — Guttar Ballet
Savatage — Gutter Ballet
Savatage — Handful Of Rain
Savatage — He Carves His Stone
Savatage — Hounds
Savatage — Jesus Saves
Savatage — Labyirinths
Savatage — Last Dawn
Savatage — Legions
Savatage — Mentally Yours
Savatage — Metalhead
Savatage — Morphine Child
Savatage — Mozart And Madness
Savatage — Not What You See
Savatage — Ocean
Savatage — Of Rage And War
Savatage — Out On The Streets
Savatage — Post Script
Savatage — Power Of The Night
Savatage — Sarajevo
Savatage — Shes In Love
Savatage — Shotgun Innocence
Savatage — Silk And Steel
Savatage — Sirens
Savatage — Sleep
Savatage — Stay With Me Awhile
Savatage — Strange Wings
Savatage — Summers Rain
Savatage — Surrender
Savatage — Taunting Cobras
Savatage — Tauting Cobras
Savatage — Temptation Revelation
Savatage — The Price You Pay
Savatage — The Storm
Savatage — The Wake Of Magellan
Savatage — The Whip
Savatage — This Isnt What We Meant
Savatage — Thorazine Shuffle
Savatage — Tonight He Grins Again
Savatage — Turns To Me
Savatage — Unholy
Savatage — Welcome
Savatage — Wishing Well
Savatage — Youre Alive
Savatage — Midas Knight
Savatage — Labyrinths
Savatage — Holocaust
Savatage — Sammy And Tex
Savatage — Complaint In The System
Savatage — Skull Session
Savatage — Visions Of Hell
Savatage — Stuck On You
Savatage — Symmetry
Savatage — Drive
Savatage — Watching You Fall
Savatage — Commissar
Savatage — Blackjack Guillotine
Savatage — I Seek Power
Savatage — Paragons Of Innocence
Savatage — Warriors
Savatage — One Child
Savatage — Scream Murder
Savatage — Hard For Love
Savatage — Streets
Savatage — Anymore
Savatage — Washed Out
Savatage — Overture
Savatage — Visions
Savatage — I Am
Savatage — Doesnt Matter Anyway
Savatage — Nothings Going On