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Sentenced was a Finnish metal band, formed in 1989 and disbanded in 2005. Sentenced was originally formed in 1989 in the town of Muhos, Finland as a death metal band. The band produced their first album "Shadows Of The Past" in 1991 with singer/guitarist Miika Tenkula. The next two albums "North From Here" and "Amok" and the following EP "Love & Death" had bassist Taneli Jarva as singer, but in 1

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Sentenced — 0132
Sentenced — A Long Way To Nowhere
Sentenced — Bleed
Sentenced — Blood And Tears
Sentenced — Brief Is The Light
Sentenced — Dead Moon Rising
Sentenced — Drown Together
Sentenced — End Of The Road
Sentenced — Ever—frost
Sentenced — Farewell
Sentenced — Fragile
Sentenced — Guilt And Regret
Sentenced — Her Last 5 Minutes
Sentenced — Home In Despair
Sentenced — Karu
Sentenced — Keep My Grave Open
Sentenced — Killing Me Killing You
Sentenced — Lower The Flags
Sentenced — Luxury Of A Grave
Sentenced — Mourn
Sentenced — My Slowing Heart
Sentenced — Nepenthe
Sentenced — Nephente
Sentenced — Neverlasting
Sentenced — New Age Messiah
Sentenced — No One There
Sentenced — Noose
Sentenced — Routasydn
Sentenced — Sun Wont Shine
Sentenced — The River
Sentenced — The Suicider
Sentenced — The Trooper
Sentenced — The War Aint Over
Sentenced — Vengeance Is Mine
Sentenced — Warrior Of Life
Sentenced — White Wedding
Sentenced — You Are The One
Sentenced — Broken
Sentenced — Forever Lost