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1) Veiled techno duo (AnD). 2) Shadows uk are a melodic hardcore band from Staffordshire, in the west midlands. Playing music fuelled by passion and honesty. They Formed in august 2010 and released the debut self titled e.p/demo followed by a full uk tour and now signed to monarch records. Now smashing venues around the UK.

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Shadows — 1861
Shadows — 36—24—36
Shadows — Alentejo
Shadows — Apache
Shadows — Blue Star
Shadows — Bossa Roo
Shadows — Cavatina
Shadows — Chattanooga Choo Choo
Shadows — Dance On
Shadows — Deerhunter
Shadows — Dont Make My Baby Blue
Shadows — Fbi
Shadows — Fbi
Shadows — Find Me A Golden Street
Shadows — Foot Tapper
Shadows — Frightened City
Shadows — Geronimo
Shadows — Gonzales
Shadows — Guardian Angel
Shadows — Guitar Tango
Shadows — Hidne Manche Ladcha
Shadows — Its A Mans World
Shadows — Kon Tiki
Shadows — Little B
Shadows — Little Princess
Shadows — Lost City
Shadows — Man Of Mystery
Shadows — Midnight
Shadows — Naya Nepal
Shadows — Nivram
Shadows — Peace Pipe
Shadows — Perfidia
Shadows — Prakriti
Shadows — Saayad
Shadows — Shadoogie
Shadows — Shindig
Shadows — Sleepwalk
Shadows — Spring Is Nearly Here
Shadows — Stars Fell On Stockton
Shadows — Telstar
Shadows — The Boys
Shadows — The Savage
Shadows — The Stranger
Shadows — Theme For Young Lovers
Shadows — Windjammer
Shadows — Wonderful Land