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The best way to learn Silverchair songs on guitar. Play tab and chords directly in your browser without additional software read more...

Silverchair were one of Australia’s most successful alternative rock bands. The group has had more top twenty hits during the last decade than any other local artist and they have sold over six million albums worldwide. The band formed in 1992 in Newcastle, New South Wales. In 1994, at the age of 15, Silverchair got their big break when the band won a national competition called "Pick Me" with th

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Silverchair — Abuse Me
Silverchair — Anas Song Open Fire
Silverchair — Black Tangled Heart
Silverchair — Cemetery
Silverchair — Cicada
Silverchair — Dearest Helpless
Silverchair — Do You Feel The Same
Silverchair — Emotion Sickness
Silverchair — Faultline
Silverchair — Findaway
Silverchair — Freak
Silverchair — Greatest View
Silverchair — Israels Son
Silverchair — Learn To Hate
Silverchair — Leave Me Out
Silverchair — Lie To Me
Silverchair — Madman
Silverchair — Miss Your Love
Silverchair — No Association
Silverchair — One Way Mule
Silverchair — Point Of Veiw
Silverchair — Pure Massacre
Silverchair — Roses
Silverchair — Satin Sheets
Silverchair — Shade
Silverchair — Slave
Silverchair — Spawn Again
Silverchair — Steam Will Rise
Silverchair — Straight Lines
Silverchair — Suicidal Dream
Silverchair — The Closing
Silverchair — The Door
Silverchair — The Greatest View
Silverchair — Tomorrow
Silverchair — Trash
Silverchair — Undecided
Silverchair — Untitled
Silverchair — Without You
Silverchair — Tuna In The Brine