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Sithu Aye
guitar tabs and chords

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Sithu Aye (pronounced Seetoo eh or C2-A) is a 25 year-old guitarist based in Scotland, UK and is originally from Burma. He's graduated from University of St. Andrews with a Master's degree in Physics. His debut album "Cassini", released in 2011, shows influence of artists such as Periphery, Animals as Leaders and Chimp Spanner but has its own unique sound and progression. Sithu Aye is a rising art

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Sithu Aye — Grand Unification
Sithu Aye — Messier Object Wip
Sithu Aye — Orion
Sithu Aye — Formation
Sithu Aye — Messenger
Sithu Aye — Dark Ages
Sithu Aye — Particles Collide
Sithu Aye — Solstice
Sithu Aye — Double Helix
Sithu Aye — Transient Transistors
Sithu Aye — Space Cadet