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Skillet is an American rock band formed in Memphis, Tennessee, consisting of all Christian members. Skillet formed in 1996 with two members: John Cooper, former vocalist for Tennessee progressive rock band Seraph, and Ken Steorts, former guitarist for Urgent Cry. The two bands met through touring together, but those bands disbanded soon after, so John and Ken's pastor encouraged them to form thei

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Skillet — Awake And Alive
Skillet — Believe
Skillet — Better Than Drugs
Skillet — Circus For A Psycho
Skillet — Comatose
Skillet — Falling Inside The Black
Skillet — Forgiven
Skillet — Hero
Skillet — Its Not Me Its You
Skillet — LAst Night
Skillet — Monster
Skillet — Never Surrender
Skillet — Savior
Skillet — Sick Of It
Skillet — Sometimes
Skillet — Those Nights
Skillet — Whispers In The Dark
Skillet — Yours To Hold
Skillet — A Little More Acoustic
Skillet — Jesus Be Glorified
Skillet — Dead Inside
Skillet — Live Free Or Let Me Die
Skillet — Madness In Me
Skillet — My Religion
Skillet — Rise
Skillet — Open Wounds
Skillet — Rebirthing
Skillet — Not Gonna Die
Skillet — The Older I Get
Skillet — Vapor
Skillet — Imperfection
Skillet — Collide
Skillet — Out Of Hell
Skillet — Stars
Skillet — Hero Acoustic
Skillet — Stars Acoustic
Skillet — Monster Acoustic
Skillet — American Noise Acoustic
Skillet — A Little More
Skillet — Lucy
Skillet — One Day Too Late
Skillet — Kill Me Heal Me
Skillet — Eating Me Away
Skillet — Fingernails
Skillet — Forsaken
Skillet — Youre Powerful
Skillet — Promise Blender
Skillet — Under My Skin
Skillet — Cycle Down