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There are at least three artists named Slaughter on last.fm: 1. A glam rock band from the United States popular in the 1980's 2. A thrash/death metal band from Canada 3. A heavy metal band from France 1) Slaughter first formed in Las Vegas, NV. at the height of glam metal's dominance over MTV and rock radio. Achieving popularity at the tail end of the movement, Slaughter's day in the spotlight pr

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Slaughter — Last Repentance
Slaughter — Get Used To It
Slaughter — Gave Me Your Heart
Slaughter — Fly To The Angels
Slaughter — Eye To Eye
Slaughter — Burnin Bridges
Slaughter — Prelude
Slaughter — Real Love
Slaughter — Mad About You
Slaughter — She Wants More
Slaughter — On My Own
Slaughter — Up All Night
Slaughter — Thinking Of June
Slaughter — Breakdown N Cry
Slaughter — Searchin
Slaughter — Outta My Head